Terms of Service

Our terms of service are simple and easy to understand. We'd like you to observe the following important rules:

  1. Don't abuse the system.
  2. Don't use automation tools like bots or auto-clickers.
  3. Don't delete retweets done via Amrtube from your Twitter timeline.
  4. Don't churn. Agressive following and unfollowing is not permitted by us or Twitter.
  5. Don't create fake accounts.
  6. Don't spam others.
  7. Don't buy or sell accounts.
  8. Don't add any listing (e.g. website, tweet or any post) that promotes any of the following:
    • Pornography or adult content
    • Lewd or sexually gratifying content
    • Racism
    • Excessive profanity
    • Hacking
    • Virus, malware or bots
    • Illicit drugs
    • Copyrighted content

Amrtube reserve the right to suspend accounts that break the rules. Please note that suspensions will normally be made without any warning or notification. If you feel an error has been made then you may ask us to review the suspension.

We may change our terms at any time, so please check here often for updates.